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Payment methods and withdrawals

Can I make a deposit or pay my tickets per bank wire?

Yes, you can if you live in one of the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, or Switzerland.

With the payment option “Klarna”, you can safely connect with the online banking system of your own bank. Payments and deposits are processed instantly. The funds will be in your RedFoxLotto account within seconds.

With the option “Directa24”, you can make an instant bank wire deposit from a bank account in the following countries:

Kenya (Mpesa)


How can I make a deposit to buy lottery tickets?

You can use one of the following payment methods: credit card, instant bank transfer, Ecopayz, Bitcoin, Entercash and Astropay.

How can I pay for the tickets?

You can pay with the credit amount in your account with us, or pay by credit card, instant bank transfer, Ecopayz, Bitcoin, Entercash and Astropay.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

You can initiate a withdrawal in the “My Account” section by selecting “Withdraw”. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

The minimum withdrawal amount is € 10,00. If your account balance is lower than € 10,00, then the withdrawal button will be inactive in your account.

Please note that a withdrawal to your credit card or to your Paypal account is limited to the amount previously deposited using the same method. Of course, higher amounts can be transferred to your bank account, for example.

You can only withdraw funds using the same method that you previously used to deposit or pay for a purchase. Bank wire transfers may incur a fee of up to € 30. Also, for any withdrawal, we may require sending of documents, like a scan of your ID and a scan of a recent utility bill in your name, in order to verify your identity.

You can find detailed information about withdrawals and payment methods under point 5 of the Terms of use.

I cannot see the money I just deposited in my account. Why?

In some cases, it may take up to 60 minutes after you make the deposit to see the updated balance on your account. If the deposited amount is still not visible in your account after 60 minutes, please contact our support team immediately.

I live in Kenya, can I pay via MPesa?

Yes, you can use your Mpesa account to play.

But you cannot buy your ticket and pay with Mpesa – you have to use the “Deposit” function first and deposit funds to your RedFoxLotto account. Those funds can then be used to pay for your ticket. Whenever you create a new lottery ticket or tickets, when you click on “pay” and “Check out”, the system will automatically use your player account balance first.

To make a deposit via Mpesa, click on the Directa24 payment option, then choose Kenya/Mpesa and proceed.

My credit card transaction was rejected. Why?

Make sure you have entered your card number, expiration date and CVV code (on the back of the card) correctly.
Please note that the minimum amount for credit card payment is €2.

Please be advised that card processors sometimes deny payments based on their risk assessment. While we try to select card processors that have a high approval rate, we cannot guarantee that all cards will be accepted.

Some reasons why your card payment might be rejected are the following:

  • You did not fill out your personal details on our website
  • You used a card that is not a Visa or Mastercard
  • You are logged in from an IP address which is different from the country where the card was issued. Consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to change your IP address.
  • Your card was issued from a bank in a country that the card processor does not support, such as USA, China, Norway, Turkey

If you cannot pay due to one of the above reasons, we suggest that you try a different method:

Bitcoin is an option that works for almost 100% of our customers. Consider creating a Bitcoin wallet, it can be useful for many other purposes as well.

If you have a bank account in one of the following countries, you can pay via direct bank transfer. This works exactly like an online bank transfer, but the payment is processed instantly. Instant bank transfer is available for bank accounts in the following countries:
Czech Republic

Create an account at Skrill or Neteller. You can use your card to upload funds to that account, and then use the funds to pay on our website.