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Lottery tickets

Can I get a scanned copy of my ticket?

Yes. Once you have paid for your tickets, you will see the numbers you have picked in your account. Just click “My tickets”. It will take a little while until our agents have bought and scanned your tickets, but usually, an hour after your purchase you will be able to see a scanned copy of your ticket in your account as well.

Also, please be advised that for some tickets, it is not possible to get those scans because some of the agents we work with do not provide that service.

Can I pick some of my lines myself and use the “Quick Pick” tool for others?

Yes – that’s up to you.

What does “number of lines” mean?

This represents the number of lines (grids or sets of numbers) with which you participate in the respective draw.

What does “quick pick” mean?

The Quick Pick Tool allows you to fill out your ticket randomly. You can change the generated numbers afterwards. Likewise, you can first enter some of your own numbers, and then let the missing numbers be selected by the random number generator.

What does the “Pending” message mean that appears in the countdown box?

This message will be shown in the countdown box when tickets are no longer sold for the next draw and the system is waiting for the draw results.

Where can I see my ordered tickets?

To check which lottery tickets you have ordered, please go to the user panel and click the “My Tickets” tab.

Why is the barcode of my ticket scan blackened?

With the barcode, you could claim your winnings with the lottery directly, although we have already paid you to your RedFoxLotto account. That is why this area of the scan is blackened in the scan. Of course, the original ticket will not be blackened.