How to participate in international lotteries

More lotteries and jackpots for everyone to play!

Great news for all Lotto fans all over the world! You are no longer restricted to your national lottery. Previously, you were denied access to international lotteries. You could not buy tickets for these lottery jackpots in your country. But the internet has solved that problem. Here at, you can now play a number of international lotteries online. is your personal courier service for lottery tickets. We have agents in many different countries where the big lotteries are held. These agents buy tickets locally for our customers. You, the customer, can order your tickets from us online. Of course, you can pick your own numbers. You also determine how many combinations of numbers you want to play and for how many draws your ticket should be valid for. Payment is made online, for example, by credit card.

Of course you can also play more than one international lottery at the same time. We recommend that you choose the largest jackpot at any given time, or the two largest, or even more. For example, quite often, both Powerball US and Megamillions US have gigantic jackpots at the same time. Jackpots regularly reach $500 million in the US. There have even been jackpots of over 1.5 billion in the past.

These two lotteries are among the largest in the world. A very popular option is to play the same numbers in multiple lotteries the same week. If you do not win at one lottery, maybe your numbers get lucky in the other? This is a smart way to increase the odds of your favorite numbers winning. This method makes playing the lotto even more exciting!

Anyone who plays international lotto uses their funds in a smarter way. Some lottery players buy tickets for the national lottery week after week. They don’t car how low the jackpot is. Mathematics and logic tell you that it is better to buy a ticket for a lottery with a jackpot of 200 million than for one with 2 million prize. This is true even if the price of the online ticket is higher than the ticket price for your local lottery.

In any case, your money is always best spent playing the currently highest jackpots. In short, it means more value for your money.

Of course, for our service, we have to charge a higher price per ticket because we have expenses. We also want to make some money. But let’s assume the online lottery ticket comes at a price of 4.50 – 5.00€ and a jackpot of 200 million. For the national lotto you pay €2.00 and have a jackpot of 10 million. Which is better and makes more sense? Well, the answer to this question is probably obvious. also makes sure that you receive your winnings. We will not be charging a commission by the way, except for a small fee charged in case of a bank transfer. Many of our customers have already won prizes through us. Some of them have had their lives changed by the amount they won!

These are the reasons why it is becoming increasingly popular to play the lottery online. And now it’s your turn to crack one of the mega-jackpots!  What are you waiting for?

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