Top lottery websites guide

Are you searching for the best lottery site on the internet? There are several sites that offer online lottery services. However, the top lottery websites stand out for several reasons, which we will discuss below. You probably already know that you can play top international lotteries online. Before you hurry off to buy a ticket, […]

Unlucky lottery winners

Have you ever wondered how a lottery winner can be unlucky? Well, when you hear the stories of these unlucky lottery winners, you will realize how utterly unlucky they were. Winning the lottery did not destroy their lives as we have seen with some lottery winners. They are unlucky not because they actually won the […]

Are you a national lotto raffle winner?

As strange as it may seem to ask such a question, the truth is that it is a valid one. There are winners out there, people who are millionaires and they do not even know it. The national lotto raffle is just one of many lotteries that have unclaimed winnings. Yes, the lottery is a […]

Lotto win check

Is it possible to win the lottery on your first try? While it is highly unlikely to win the lottery the first time you play, it is not impossible. There are first-time players who have won the lottery. So, you could also be a winner. However, it pays to have a realistic view when it […]

Pros and cons of free lottery sites

Are there free lottery sites where you can make money? If you want to play the lottery, but you do not want to spend money, then try free lotteries. There are several lottery sites where you don’t need any money to play and the prizes are not bad. We have put together a list of […]

What not to do when you win the lottery

It can be a very emotional experience to win the lottery, we get that. It is natural to want to scream and jump and make statements you might later regret. At least, that was what happened to a Spanish reporter in 2019. Natalia Escudero is a Spanish TV reporter who won the Christmas lottery top […]