Free lottery ticket offers which are not scams

You may have seen offers on the internet for free lotteries and free lottery tickets. Most of those are scams though. Either those tickets are for lotteries that actually do not exist, or for a lottery where nobody ever wins something. Free lottery tickets at RedFoxLotto On our website, you do get free lottery tickets, […]

How to play the national lottery

How attractive is your national lottery? Your national lottery can be a lot of fun and it can be a great option to get started with if you’ve never played the lottery before. But some national lotteries are a little more fun than others. In fact, some are hard to win. Some are difficult to […]

Best lotteries to play

Can you only play your local lottery?

The short answer is absolutely not. You can play lottery games that are located all over the world if you want to. You just have to make sure that you are buying your tickets from RedFoxLotto. You need to know where to get those tickets that’s legitimate.

From what age can you legally buy lottery tickets?

The legal age for the lottery varies from country to country

If you’ve ever bought a lottery ticket for your local lottery you likely know what the legal age is where you are. You might know even if you’ve never bought lottery tickets before. But what about the legal age to buy lottery tickets in other parts of the world?