This Cleaning Lady Won the Thunderball Jackpot Twice

Over the years there have been many people who have won Lottery jackpots. Gayle Say, a 65-year-old cleaner from Coventry won £1m she won the Thunderball Lottery jackpot twice. She and her husband, Philip Say had been playing the lottery for 25 years with only a few £10 wins. But in a stroke of luck, […]

Lottery Night Result: Monday to Sunday

If you play the lottery, then lottery night is probably an exciting night for you. Previously, those who played the lottery had to wait till a single day of the week to get the results. For some lotteries like Thunderball UK, players had to wait till Saturday night. But things are different now, and you […]

What You Should Know About Thunderball Numbers Tonight

How do you know if you have the winning Thunderball numbers tonight? The possibility of winning half a million pounds could cause any heartbeat to go faster. It is an exciting thought, and think of how your life will change if you win. There is so much to dream about, right? But first, you need […]

How to Check Lottery Thunderball Results

You want to know if you have the winning ticket. If you play often or occasionally, it is a good idea to check the Lottery Thunderball results. Many people have won the lottery and they never got to know because they never checked their tickets. But that is not going to be you because you […]

Everything You Need to Know About Beat Lottery

You have heard about Beat Lottery and you have lots of questions. Does it work? Is it just a scam, and is it worth the money? We understand that you want to know if it is worth investing your money. Everyone who plays the lottery hopes to win. The possibility of winning the jackpot keeps […]

What’s The Lotto Schedule Today?

The first thing you should know about winning the lottery is the timing of the draw. You need to be prepared to play and win right when you are feeling lucky. In this post, we bring you the draw timings of the most popular lotteries, so you know what is the lotto schedule today. Powerball […]