Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens after I have won?

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

RedFoxLotto transfers the winnings to your client account (except for winnings over € 2500).

With some lotteries (like Powerball and Mega Millions), for winnings over $1 million the local tax will be deducted before payout.

Note that the user is responsible for fulfilling all tax requirements at his place of residence.

How to check if I won?

To see if you won, please check your ticket under the “My Tickets” tab. The results will be published immediately after the announcement of the results by the lottery.

My numbers have won – how can I receive my winnings?

Any winnings up to € 2500 will be automatically transferred to your user account on our website. From there you can withdraw the won amount, using any method that has previously been used for a purchase or deposit.

If your winnings are higher than € 2,500, please contact our support team immediately, as additional steps may be required to get your payout. We will inform you via e-mail about all requirements. Your claim will be forwarded by us to the relevant lottery commission. For those higher amounts, payments will be made directly by the lottery commission of the lottery that you played. You can receive your winnings via a bank transfer or a check.

You also have the option to collect your winning ticket at a location of our choice, and then travel to the country where the lottery took place, and claim your winning there in person.