Frequently Asked Questions

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Lotteries and progressive jackpots ("rollovers")

Can I play from the UK?

Yes. If you are a resident of the UK, you can play any of the lotteries offered on our site.

How many increases in the jackpot can occur for a given lottery?

For some lotteries, there is no limit to the jackpot rollover, while others limit the jackpot to a certain amount. Detailed information can be found on the information page for the respective lottery.

What does the term “jackpot” mean?

“Jackpot” is the main prize of the lottery, which increases as long as the main, top-tier prize has not been won.

When and where do the draws take place?

The draws take place in the country of origin of the respective lottery. For detailed information on location and time of drawings, see the lottery’s information page.