How to improve your winning chances

Every lotto player tries to improve his odds to win the lottery in one way or the other. It is only natural that they look for a lottery strategy or some type of system, considering the fact that the probability of winning a top prize, or even a jackpot, often is one in hundreds of millions. So let’s talk about the options there are, which ones are working and which ones do not work. Please be sure to check the last two chapters, since they contain the most important tips for you as a lotto player.

Is there any lottery strategy that can guarantee a win?

Some people will tell you that they have a lottery system that works 100% of the time, and they are willing to share it with you for just a little bit of money. Don’t fall for that. Nobody can guarantee that you will win money playing the lottery.

best lottery strategy

There are some mathematical models that can improve your chances, but even if you use the best mathematical lottery system, the odds are still against you. So don’t spend money on software that claim that they can guarantee you a win, those are just scams.

Using a cold and hot numbers lottery strategy

This is one of the lottery strategies based on math, and it can actually improve your results. But even if you go ahead and exclude all numbers that have won in the past weeks, and even assuming those numbers will not come up in the next lottery draw, that still leaves a large number of possible combinations. It is a mathematical fact that because one combination of numbers has come up the week before, the probability for that combination to be drawn again a week later is just as high as for any other combination.

So while this lottery system can slightly improve your winning chances, there is no guarantee that it will get you that win.

Using your personal lucky numbers

This is the most popular lottery strategy. People just love to pick numbers that have a special meaning to them, such as birthday dates, numbers they see on their way to work, etc. And if they are lucky, those numbers may actually win at some point. Nevertheless, this is not really a strategy, it is just a different way of picking lotto numbers.

Playing the same numbers all the time

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This is something many people do, and there are a few arguments in favor of this strategy. Let’s say the odds are one in 50 million for one draw. Then by playing the same numbers 50 times in a row reduces the odds to 1 in 1 million, right? It is true, but the effect is basically the same as if you would just buy more tickets. On the downside, once you start using this strategy, you do not want to stop playing those identical numbers combinations, for fear that once you stop, those exact numbers might win the week after. How would you feel then?

Financial discipline

Of course, you can buy more tickets, play more often, even play more than one lottery. The more often you play, the more often you will win, that is for sure. But at the end of the day, it is all about the balance between how much you spend and how much you win. So our advice is to use a small fraction of your monthly income to buy lottery tickets. Make sure you do not spend money you cannot afford to lose. See those lottery tickets as a means to add some excitement to your life. Hope to win, but be prepared to lose. And read the last paragraph, because it tells you how you can actually improve your mathematical odds to beat the lottery with a strategy.

Which lottery strategy is the best?

As long as you always play your local lottery, you will buy tickets for the same lottery all the time, whether the jackpot is high or not. But this is not really clever – what you should do is to only play when there is a substantial jackpot! When all other factors (price per ticket, the probability to win) are equal, the amount that you can win makes all the difference. In mathematical models, there is a term called winning expectation, or expected value. This mathematical value is defined by the number of possible outcomes, the ticket price and the amount that can be won.

So logic and mathematics dictate that your chances are better when the jackpot is higher. The only lottery strategy that works is to invest in tickets when the jackpot is high, and not to play when it is not. And that is the strongest argument in favor of using an online lottery ticket service such as ours. With more lotteries to choose from, you can simply pick the highest jackpot and spend your lottery money where your expected value is highest.

On our site, you will always find at least one or two substantial jackpots, so you do not have to wait until your local lotto jackpot is big enough for you to play!