About the Polish Lotto

The lottery in Poland was first established in 1768. The Polish lottery was established by the then lower house of the parliament of Poland as a source of revenue for the country’s treasury. At that period in Polish history, the King of Poland was deep in debt and so the parliament saw the lottery as a way of raising money to service the debt. The lottery was named “Lotto di Genova”. The people whom the king was owing money were Italians from the city of Genova, hence the Italian name. They were allowed to run the lottery and keep part of the profit as a way of offsetting the debt being owed to them.

The Polish lottery has over time evolved into its present form and is flourishing as the number of people who participate in the lottery keeps increasing. The income gotten from the lottery are used to fund local initiatives and civic projects.

How to buy tickets online

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To participate in the lottery, you can either purchase your ticket physically or you can play online. Players are allowed to pick any 6 numbers from 1-49 and during the draw which takes place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8:40 pm GMT, 6 numbers are picked at random. To win the jackpot the numbers on your ticket must match the 6 numbers drawn. Prizes are also given to tickets that have 5, 4 or 3 of its numbers matching with the numbers drawn.

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The largest winning so far on the Polish lotto is a whooping sum of PLN36,726,210. The probability of hitting this kind of mega-money in the polish lottery is 1:14 million. The relatively good odds combined with the low ticket price are good arguments in favor of buying tickets for the Polish lottery.