Best lotteries to play

Can you only play your local lottery?

The short answer is absolutely not. You can play lottery games that are located all over the world if you want to. You just have to make sure that you are buying your tickets from RedFoxLotto. You need to know where to get those tickets that’s legitimate.

From what age can you legally buy lottery tickets?

The legal age for the lottery varies from country to country

If you’ve ever bought a lottery ticket for your local lottery you likely know what the legal age is where you are. You might know even if you’ve never bought lottery tickets before. But what about the legal age to buy lottery tickets in other parts of the world?

What is so special about the El Gordo lottery?

Why El Gordo is Spain’s most popular lottery?

When it comes to playing the lotto in Spain there are plenty of different games you can play, but El Gordo is the one that seems to get the most attention.

Ways to win Mega Millions US

What makes Mega Millions so attractive? One of the biggest things that makes the Mega Millions so attractive to players is the jackpots. With jackpots that regularly get into the hundreds of millions and even one that’s been over a billion, it’s hard not to get excited about the idea of playing this game. Many […]

What does betting lotto mean?

There are two ways to offer an online lotto ticket service
When you are looking for a way to play lotto online, you will find that there are two kinds of services. Most of the time, the site offering their online ticket service will not tell you which model their service is based upon. But it is a good idea to check and then decide which type of service you want.