Join in the excitement of the lottery Spain draw christmas 2022

Do you wonder why punters all over the world get excited when Christmas draws near? It is an exciting season, but what makes it all the more special is the Spanish “El Gordo” lottery. Known as “the fat one”, this is the great lottery Spain draw that takes place at Christmas time.

We mentioned that this is a lottery that is attractive to players everywhere and there is a reason for that. Although this is a lottery from Spain, players enter this lottery from different parts of the world.

With the largest lottery prize in the world, you might also be interested in entering the Spanish Christmas lottery draw 2022. You should keep on reading to find out more about this lottery and how you can play no matter where you live.

What is the lottery Spain draw Christmas?

Spain Christmas lottery draw 2022

The lottery draw in Spain is very interesting during Christmas. There are so many lotteries out there where players can win big right here at But, punters get really excited when it comes to the Spanish lottery draw.

One of the reasons why this lottery is so popular is the way it brings together so many people. This is a lottery that is fun when you share with your loved ones. We will explain how that works in a moment.

The Christmas lottery is almost part of the Christmas tradition in Spain. The atmosphere is filled with celebration as friends and family members come together to participate in a tradition that is several decades old.

How the Christmas draw lottery works

The Spain Christmas lottery is like most lotteries. You buy tickets and wait for the draw day to find out if you have won a prize. But, that is where the similarities to other lotteries win.

First of all, this lottery only takes place during the Christmas season. The drawing date is always on the 22nd of December. It attracts millions of players each year and in 2018 alone, 170 million tickets were sold. The prize money that year was 2.38 billion euro though it got to 4 billion euro in 2011.

Secondly, you do not choose your own numbers but buy tickets with already printed numbers on them. Additionally, a ticket is divided into decimos, that is tenths and has 180 sets. So an entire neighourhood can come together to buy a ticket. This makes it lots of fun for everyone.

Enter the El Gordo lottery 2022 on

The Spanish El Gordo lottery takes place in the different provinces of Spain. Thus, the tickets to this lottery are sold in most Spanish towns. However, you do not have to live in Spain to take part in the lottery.

If you live outside Spain or outside Europe, you can buy your Christmas lottery ticket online. Although several online lottery sites give you access to top international lotteries, the Spain Christmas lottery is a special one. 

Only the top rated online lottery sites give players access to the Spanish El Gordo lottery. And you can register with to buy your lottery tickets. We will also contact you if you have winning numbers.

Make it a Christmas to remember

Christmas is marked by many wonderful traditions. It is the season for giving and one where people get more joy from sharing. So, why not make this a Christmas to remember by buying tickets for your loved ones?

With the Christmas lottery draw 2022, you can look forward to the draw and watch the ceremony together. Even if you do not win, the shared experience is a great way to grow closer to your loved ones. And you never know when you will hold the winning ticket.

Register now with us to enter the Spain christmas lottery draw 2022.