Winning numbers, and draw results for GG World Lotto

Estimated jackpot: $100,000,000
GG World Lottery

GG World Lottery

€90 m

This is where you find the latest draw results and payouts for GG World Lotto. This is a new lottery format that has only been launched recently. For the time being, World Lotto uses the draw Results of Euromillions to determine the winners.

The main difference is that the payouts are significantly higher here – check the payout table and compare it to Euromillions! Also, the jackpot starts at a higher minimum, which is at $100 million, compared to Euromillions and its €17 million minimum.

Considering that the ticket price is the same, and the chances of winning are also the same, you clearly get a better deal playing GG World Lotto.

GG World Lottery

GG World Lottery

€90 m
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