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Minimum lines for this lottery is 4.

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The Oz Lotto draw takes place every Tuesday evening at 20h30 (local time: Australian Eastern Time). But in 2005, the format altered slightly. Back then, six numbers were selected for jackpot winners from a pool of 45 (numbers 1 to 45) and then the jackpot was increased to seven numbers. This did mean the chance of winning the jackpot became a little more challenging.

However, the Oz Lotto was and still is, producing winners. There are prizes available for players who match even just three numbers (plus the bonus ball). This might only be an AU$15 return but a chance of something to add to your account.

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The Oz Lotto has produced a greater jackpot than its Thursday evening cousin the Powerball Australia. It can often mount up to jackpots of up to $100 million. This also allows more cash from the winning pool to be shared out to smaller winners.

Even matching six numbers in the Oz Lotto online and having the bonus ball too can net players at least $50,000 or more (depending on the jackpot size). But this ever-popular lottery game is now available to play from outside of Australia.

The Convenience of Playing Online

You could be thousands of miles away from Australia – most of us probably are, but it is more convenient to play Oz Lotto online than it is if you were out shopping in Sydney or Melbourne. The convenience of playing the Oz Lotto through the RedFoxLotto website is stunningly simple.

Players need only register and prove they are over 18 to play. Once the registration process has been accepted, players must furnish their accounts with some playing cash. Achieving this is very easy.

RedFoxLotto online accepts MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Bitcoins and Skrill (formerly Money Bookers). There are a number of other smaller payment methods that can be used to top up the account also.

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How to Play Oz Lotto

Simply select seven numbers from a range of between 1 and 45. The draw takes place Tuesday evenings and at some point in the day, the results will come up online. All winners will be notified by email but checking the Oz Lotto to see how close you came is easy too.