What are the reasons to pay with GG Token?

Enjoy the benefits of GG Token at RedFoxLotto. Simply using GG Token as the payment method at RedFoxLotto grants you a 50% bonus money on each deposit! That's not all, more will be revealed soon through our Newsletter!

How to buy and use GG Token?

  1. Visit https://wallet.ggtkn.com and download the application for Android or iOS.
  2. Use the widget on the website to buy GGTKN using a card. That's it! Take note that you also receive a certain amount of BNB for free so you don't have to worry about transaction fees.
  3. Go back to RedFoxLotto, select GGTKN as the payment method, and use the "GGTKN" promo code.

Supported wallets

GGTKN is Metamask and TrustWallet verified. You can also use those wallets for GGTKN transactions.