SomosLotto Plus

How to Play Somoslotto Plus


Minimum lines for this lottery is 6.

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SomosLotto is a new lottery developed mostly for Peru and the rest of Latin America, but you can play it from your country of residence as well. You order a ticket online here at RedFoxLotto, and we will get your ticket for you.

What is special at SomosLotto Plus?

It is a very simple lottery format. Pick 6 numbers out of 42, and you have your ticket. The chances to win the jackpot with 6 matching numbers are 1 in 5,2 million, which is a lot better than most other lotteries. The ticket price at SomosLotto Plus is also much lower. The downside is that, of course, the jackpot is lower too. It is set to a minimum of PEN 1 million, which equals to around €270.000.

There are only 4 payout tiers (6,5,4 and 3 matching numbers), with a strong focus on the main prize, while the other tiers pay relatively small amounts only.