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Minimum lines for this lottery is 5.

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Playing Lotto Zambia at RedFoxLotto is as easy as it gets. Pick your lucky numbers from the comfort of your home.

This African lottery was incepted with simplicity in mind and has the highest winning odds.

You pick 6 numbers from 1 to 36 range. To win the jackpot, all 6 numbers must be on your ticket.

The ticket price is the lowest of all the lotteries on our site. Together with the high odds of winning, this makes Lotto Zambia a great addition to RedFoxLotto’s offer and an opportunity to play lotto for pennies.

You should not miss any of the draws – just play every week. You can never be sure when might win. Check the amount of the current jackpot and get your tickets!

Tips for players

While you can play Lotto Zambia with just one line. But considering that a single line comes at such a low price, you might go for multiple lines, in order to increase your winning odds some more.

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