About the GG World random Numbers Generator TRNG

The classic way of drawing the numbers for a lottery used to be some kind of machine filled with a number of lottery balls, from which the winning numbers were drawn mechanically.

Those machines tended to be unreliable, and there were always concerns about the possibility of manipulation.

In order to eliminate those issues, GG International developed TRNG – short for “True Random Number Generator”. Using Ethereum Smart Contracts, this technology works with an algorithm based on quantum physical processes which are fundamentally random.

The behavior of subatomic particles at the quantum level is a natural process and one of the few processes in nature which are completely random.

The core of our random numbers generator is based on a light-emitting diode producing photons, a transmission element. Here, the random process takes place, and two single-photon detectors record the outcomes. Through this process, a binary result is obtained. This binary result is converted to a decimal reading, which in turn is converted into the draw results.

Our TRNG has been tested and certified by Gaming Laboratories International. GLI is a global leader in gaming and lottery testing, and regulators in more than 475 jurisdictions worldwide use their services to test the fairness of their games.